The Nautical Research Journal 

Published quarterly, the Nautical Research Journal contains feature articles on ship model building, merchant and naval shipbuilding, naval architecture, maritime trade, nautical history, and maritime arts. 

Each article is beautifully illustrated with archival and modern photographs, vessel plans, and technical drawings. Material is contributed by professional and dedicated amateur historians, museum curators, ship modelers, artists, and others.

Look for these regular sections in every issue: 

  • Shop & Research Notes -- practical innovative workshop and research techniques
  • Book Reviews of recent maritime publications - Click here for expanded online book reviews
  • Queries & Answers -- an arena for members to ask for information on any subject
  • News and Notes from ship modeling clubs around the country.
  • Vendor advertisements -- a vital guide when making purchasing decisions
  • Secretary's Newsletter -- keeps readers up to date with news and announcements important to the Guild and its members.

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    Advancing Ship Modeling Through Research 

    Sample pages from the latest issue of the Nautical Research Journal

    Volume 63, No. 2 Summer 2018 

    Summer 2018 Journal Cover


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