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NRG 2017 Annual Conference
St. Petersburg

The Nautical Research Guild 2017 Conference was held October 25-28 in St. Petersburg, Florida. Happily, they did not incur any significant damage from the hurricane. We were blessed with wonderful weather, allowing participants who arrived early the opportunity to visit the local attractions.

USCG Installation Tour

Thursday started with a tour of the USCG installation in St. Petersburg. We were able to climb aboard two of the ships moored at the base and enjoyed lunch at the USCG galley. The most amazing part of the tour was the overwhelmingly positive attitude exhibited by enlisted men and officers alike. Even the tour guides learned something as Coasties stopped what they were doing to talk to us about their specialty. We concluded this part of the tour with lunch at the USCG’s dining facility, a great meal for less than $8.00!

The next stop was the Florida Institute of Oceanography where we toured the new research vessel, R/V W.T. Hogarth.

Sessions, Seminars and Round Tables

Friday morning was devoted to the technical sessions. Lectures were given by:

    • Bill Maxwell, Construction of the Brodie Stove
    • Gus Agustin, Techniques of a Miniaturist
    • David Antscherl, Research Process

The afternoon was comprised of five excellent roundtables presenting seven different topics. Roundtable presenters and topics included:

    • Chuck Passaro, Carving
    • Bill Maxwell, Brodie Stove Techniques
    • Gus Agustin, Flag Making
    • Paul Wharen, Copper Plate Making
    • Charles Gravallese, Solid Hull Modeling
    • Irwin Schuster, Sail Making
    • David Antscherl, Frieze Painting

The members meeting followed the roundtables.

On Saturday, there was a full day of lectures. The morning presentations were:

    • Dr. William Murray, Large Ancient Roman Warship
    • Charles Harris, Presentation of American Victory
    • Clay Feldman, Hawaiian Fair American
    • Keith Holland, US Army Transport Maple Leaf
    • Paul Fontenoy, WWI German Submarine
    • Irwin Schuster, SS Mascotte

The NRG 2017 Conference dinner was Saturday night. The highlight was the keynote speaker, USCG Lt. Nyrel C. Allen, who spoke about the USCG’s hurricane preparedness and response actions.

Model Exhibit

We had a full model room this year, including several scale ship models built by Gus Agustin.

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