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Ship Model Grant Program

The NRG Ship Model Grant Program provides ship modelers of all levels easy access to fully developed modeling projects. We are seeking NRG members who can develop a thoroughly researched set of plans and accompanying monograph for smaller vessels and projects.

The details of the Grant program are below. The NRG will print the plans and offer them to ship modeling community at large. The accompanying monograph will be produced in electronic format and supplied as a free downloadable PDF file.

To kick off the program, the NRG selected the first project to be The Continental Galley Washington 1776. This first NRG Monograph contains the plans for a plank-on-bulkhead model of the Continental Galley Washington 1776.  Jeff Staudt designed this project for the NRG. There are ten sheets of plans along with a monograph detailing every step in its construction. We have selected this project to set a standard for the size and scope of the projects intended for the Grant program.

If you are an NRG member who would like to work with the NRG to develop other projects like this, read the details below and submit a proposal. Should you have any questions about the program please contact the NRG office.

Request for Proposals

The Nautical Research Guild (NRG) is issuing a request for proposals for consideration of funding projects that advance the art of ship modeling through research.


The Nautical Research Guild Grant Program is open to NRG members only.

Project Description

The NRG will award $750 to $2500 for individual projects that provide original research and plans for small ship modeling projects.

The NRG will pay the author up to 10% of each sale for the exclusive rights to publish and sell the completed published work in either print or electronic format.

The NRG Board of Directors will determine Grant and percentage amounts based on the size and scope of the accepted proposal. The NRG will own all copyrights to the materials. Credit will be given to the author.

Each project proposed must be model ship related with research obtained from primary or secondary sources. Projects are to be for scratch built / semi-scratch built models. Monographs must contain a section on history and research as well as a “how-to” for the model builder. The plans, produced electronically, must be adequate to allow building of the project. The plans will be printed and sold by the NRG.

Project Specifications

Plank on bulkhead, plank on frame, and solid hull are all acceptable building methods. Other building methods will be reviewed by the Board for acceptability.

The recipient must include plans to build the model and a corresponding monograph of 70 to 100 pages depending on the scope of the subject matter, with bibliography of all sources used.

Project Subjects

Preference will be given to smaller projects (for example, small cutters, launches, brigs, sloops, tugs, cross section models, battle stations, dioramas, etc.). The NRG is not looking for larger vessels such as frigates, ship of the line, or battleships.

Further considerations:

    • Projects should take the average builder between 3 to 8 months to complete.
    • Projects can be directed toward the beginner, intermediate or advanced ship modelers.
    • The monograph must be delivered in MS word format and the plans delivered in PDF format.

Grant Awards

Grant awards will be made in installments with the dates and amounts of payment determined by the NRG, with final payment being made upon delivery and review of the project by the NRG Board.

The NRG reserves the right to stop further payments and advancement of the project upon assessing the author’s progress and acceptability of the materials produced.

Failure to complete the project in a timely manner may result in the cancellation of the project by the Board without further payment.


Send all proposals to:

Nautical Research Guild

237 South Lincoln Street

Westmont, IL 60559-1917

Or by email:

Information required at time of submission:

    • Contact Information: Proposal must include Applicant Name, Address, Phone and E-Mail Address.
    • Project Abstract: Applicants must submit an abstract of less than 200 words describing the proposed project, including what level of builder it will be directed towards. Identify how it will enhance the knowledge and skill of the model builder.
    • Approach: List all equipment and materials required to complete the project.
    • Milestone Schedule: An activity schedule shall be submitted for the duration of your research for project delivery. Starting with month one and concluding with the project delivery date. Expect to give the Board frequent updates based on this schedule (i.e. monthly, quarterly etc.). Grant projects must NOT take the applicant longer than 14 months to complete once accepted.
    • Cost Summary: Detail all costs to be incurred for the project up to its delivery, including but not limited to equipment purchases, materials, information technology needs and software, travel, and research. Prepare your budget carefully and make it as detailed as possible.

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